Facilities that represent realistic environment and with controlled conditions are crucial for robot development, testing and evaluation. i-Botics (TNO and University of Twente) operates vital facilities and cooperates with partners that facilitates unique infrastructure.

Acoustic lab & basin

The TNO Acoustics Lab & Basin offer the opportunity to validate, test and develop subsea & marine robotic solutions. The 8m deep anechoic basin is equipped with moving rails for accurately placing equipment underwater and validating the functionality in controlled a environment all year round.



The Hague, the Netherlands

Wearable Robotics Lab

The University of Twente Wearable Robotics Laboratory offers extensive facilities for development, testing and evaluation of wearable robots in a safe and real-life environment.


University Twente

Enschede, the Netherlands

Hyperbaric Test Centre (Partner Facility)

DCN Diving operates a fully-equipped Hyperbaric Testing Facility in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. Hyperbaric welding environments at pressures of up to 190m can be simulated at the facility, which is one of the few in the world.


DCN Diving

Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands

Space53 (Partner Facility)

Space53 offers unique, indoor and outdoor, facilities for testing of and training with unmanned systems in a broad range of conditions. The former Twente Airport offers an open fly zone for UAVs, unique possibilities to create realistic large-scale disaster scenarios for training and testing purposes as well as the largest indoor test-site for unmanned systems in the Netherlands.



Enschede, the Netherlands


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