Interview with XPRIZE

i-Botics on the spot – Interview with XPRIZE

The i-Botics team will kick-off a new online segment within the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition, called “Meet the Teams”. Within this segment, we will be interviewed by the organization of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE. We will share our vision for the competition, tell something about…


Invitation to join the Webinar on Industrial Exoskeletons: Potential impact and barriers hindering adoption

Worldwide efforts have led to a variety of exoskeleton devices aiming to support workers in heavy work (in construction, manufacturing, maintenance and more). These range from back-, arm-, hand- and leg-support exoskeletons, as well as from spring-based ones to sensorized and actuated ones. Some are…

i-Botics and Partners jointly develop technologies to advance underwater operations and asset management

Within the i-Botics program line “Enhance Subsea Robotics”, the SURE Program has been initiated. SURE stands for SUbsea enhanced REality. The program has been initiated by TNO / i-Botics, Boskalis and Rijkswaterstaat and currently exists of nineteen partners. Below you can read the program outline. If you would like to learn more about the SURE program, please contact i-Botics.