Interview with XPRIZE

i-Botics on the spot – Interview with XPRIZE

The i-Botics team will kick-off a new online segment within the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition, called “Meet the Teams”. Within this segment, we will be interviewed by the organization of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE. We will share our vision for the competition, tell something about what we are working on and give a live demonstration. The interview can be viewed publicly, it will be broadcasted via Zoom on June 24th (19:00, UTC+2). A link to the interview can be found in this article.

Interview with XPRIZE

As the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition continues to move forward, XPRIZE is creating ways to promote the Qualified Teams and tell their stories over the course of the next two years. As part of team promotion they are piloting a webinar series this month titled “Meet the Teams”, during which they will highlight teams through half-hour live interviews for the general public to learn more about the teams and the competition, and to create buzz around the Avatar XPRIZE! Qualified Teams within the ANA Avatar XPRIZE are all working on highly unique approaches to realizing groundbreaking human-connecting technology, and in this way XPRIZE wants to share individual stories and development progress with the world.

The organization of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE will kick-off the segment “Meet the teams” with our team i-Botics. In the interview, we will elaborate on our vision, we will tell something about what we are currently working on, and we will also host a live demonstration from the Halodi lab, showcasing EVE for our application within XPRIZE.

The webinar is openly available for anyone interested in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE or the i-Botics team. Please be sure to join us and also feel free share the invitation within your network. As i-Botics, we are very excited and honored to kick-off this webinar series, and hope to see all of you there!

If you are interested in joining, the details can be found below:

When: 24th of June
How late: 19:00 (UTC+2)
Where: Zoom
Link: https://xprize.zoom.us/j/96396630886



i-botics at klaas kan alles. Robotics.

i-BOTICS on dutch television: ‘Klaas kan alles’

In the TV-show ‘Klaas kan alles’, our tele-operation setup was deployed to help Klaas escape from a glass box Houdini style! See the link below to see if Klaas succeeded in this.

DeXPRIZE: Successful TNO and ETH Integration week of the ALMA robot at ARCHE 2020.

During the ARCHE 2020 integration week, TNO and the ETH Robot System Lab (RSL) collaborated to integrate their research and development process using the Articulated Locomotion and MAnipulation (ALMA) robot. Next to the integration of software, we tested software to confirm proper implementation and development….

Did you miss our live XPRIZE webinar? No Worries!

Please use the link below to watch the video of our first ANA Avatar XPRIZE webinar, to learn more about our team and our technology.. Meet the Avatar XPRIZE Teams | i-Botics